EVA Cases Provide an Extensive Protection for Sensitive Instruments

Tough usage conditions and environmental extremes call for tough and rugged EVA cases. These conditions are found in the market applications where Jaishri Custom Products excels, such as the Electronics, medical, and industrial markets. At JaiShri Custom Products, we manufacture custom products that offer unique style and superior levels of protection. Product applications include EVA cases for medical equipment carrying cases, holsters for weapons, cases or pouches for sensitive electronic instruments, support and comfort pad assemblies, and compartment liners/dividers for luggage or vehicle interiors, to name a few.

EVA Cases with Light and Durable Composition

One of JaiShri’s competitive advantages is our design and engineering prowess for thermoformed products that are stylish and easily integrated with other important manufacturing processes like embroidery or silk-screening, or hardware attachment like buckles or handles, while also offering high levels of protection for your portable equipment.

When your company has a need for lightweight, but durable and rugged carrying cases, we are the company that can provide the solutions. Our extensive design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities can also provide you with various types of foams, woven and knit fabrics, specialty formulation films and adhesives, and a host of other materials that are tailored to your exact needs.

Thermoforming Provides Added Protection

The thermoforming process can add the right level of protection for sensitive instrumentation. Thermoformed products with the right materials offer better protection from moisture, impact, dust, wind, sun, cold, and other environmental factors that could damage your products. The flexibility offered through our custom design and manufacturing capabilities and global network means your products can also be molded in the exact shapes, dimensions, and colors that your company desires.

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